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Geltec Industry Ltd. was founded in 1986. We are a leading supplier in Taiwan specialized in developing PU Gel and Foam material especially for the applications of Anti-fatigue Mat, Exercise Mat, Yoga Mat, Fitness Mat, Standing Desk Mat, Industrial Mat, Bath Mat, Bathroom Mat, Gel Mattress, Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Home Furnishing, Healthcare, and Computer Accessories etc. We have more than 30 years of professional experience in providing soft material solution to product customization and supply ODM / OEM service to our clients.

Sleeping Pad Taiwan

Geltec Industry Co. Ltd. strives to research and develop quality, energy-efficient Elastic Mesh Mattress/Baby Mattress/Sleeping Pad to benefit the consumers. We can manufacture Elastic Mesh Mattress / Baby Mattress / Sleeping Pad that meet specific requirements. Our first responsibility is to completely satisfy the needs of the people and organizations that use and distribute our products while providing the best value solutions for their Elastic Mesh Mattress / Baby Mattress / Sleeping Pad requirements. Customer service is another commitment we take seriously, our proven reputation and record of quality support won't leave you stranded.
Elastic Mesh Mattress / Baby Mattress / Sleeping Pad

Elastic Mesh Mattress / Baby Mattress / Sleeping Pad

Product Description :

Elastic Mesh Mattress is made of Elastic Mesh cover and Memory Foam. Elastic mesh mattress provides gentle, dry, and no-heat-accumulation touching feeling.

- Cover material is made by moisture management fiber "COOLPLUS", which can keep the surface dry and cool.
- With anti-bacteria treatment, Elastic Mesh can effectively restrain the growth of several common bacteria.
- Exclusive Rib structure of elastic mesh makes it supportive and pressure relieving.
- Tunnel mesh structure of elastic mesh makes it excellent in ventilation.
- Mattress cover is replaceable and easy-cleaning.

GELTEC could provide different softness level for the memory foam to meet custom needs and can ensure everybody to have nice and comfortable sleeps. Accompanied with ultra soft and smooth memory foam inner cushion, the mattress ensures comfortable sleeps and sweet dreams of the user.

Elastic Mesh Cover + Air Mesh (Honey Comb Type)
Mattress Inner Cushion: high-density ultra soft memory foam

192 x 92 x 8cm
192 x 92 x 12cm
120 x 60 x 5cm (Elastic Mesh Baby Mattress)
45 x 30 x 6 cm (Portable Baby Sleeping Pad)

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As one of the most reliable supplier in Taiwan, we supply Elastic Mesh Mattress / Baby Mattress / Sleeping Pad with the finest quality. We are the global leader in plastic & rubber products. We develop, manufacture and distribute groundbreaking Elastic Mesh Mattress / Baby Mattress / Sleeping Pad that shatter the status quo and help customers gain and maintain a competitive edge. After knowing the above information, if you want to know more, please come to us. We will provide the information you need and offer high quality Elastic Mesh Mattress / Baby Mattress / Sleeping Pad to you at the best price.