Geltec Industry Co. Ltd.

Geltec Industry Ltd. was founded in 1986. We are a leading supplier in Taiwan specialized in developing PU Gel and Foam material especially for the applications of Anti-fatigue Mat, Exercise Mat, Yoga Mat, Fitness Mat, Standing Desk Mat, Industrial Mat, Bath Mat, Bathroom Mat, Gel Mattress, Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Home Furnishing, Healthcare, and Computer Accessories etc. We have more than 30 years of professional experience in providing soft material solution to product customization and supply ODM / OEM service to our clients.

Product Line

Geltec Industry Co. Ltd. has been a leading supplier of anti-fatigue mat, anti-slip car pad, mouse pad to both independent and national training organizations since 1986. Our quality proven range and client-centric approach have helped us in carving a niche for ourselves in the market.
Our anti-fatigue mat, anti-slip car pad, mouse pad are designed to meet your specific technical and performance requirements. If you are looking for anti-fatigue mat, anti-slip car pad, mouse pad, please do not hesitate to inform us.
  Exercise Mat Series ˙Functional Mat
˙Functional Mat-Lite
˙Green+ Yoga Mat
˙Personal Mat
  Anti-fatigue Mat Series ˙Anti-fatigue Mat for Dry Area
˙Anti-Fatigue Mat for Wet Area
Anti-fatigue Roll Mat
Kneeling Pad
Standing Desk Mat/Height Adjustable Desk Mat
Kitchen & Commercial Comfort Mat
Anti-Static Mat (ESD Mat)
Salon Mat
˙Order-Made (Customizable) Mat
  Residential Mat Series ˙Shower Mat/Bathtub Mat
˙Bath Mat
˙Kitchen Comfor Mat
  Protect Mat Series ˙Bedside Mat
  Clean Mat  
▐ Pillow
  Gel Foam Pillow ˙Gel Foam Pillow With Dual Structure
  Comb Gel Pillow Series ˙GSP-Comb-Gel SheetIII ˙GSP Topper
    ˙GSP-Comb-Gel 005II ˙GSP-005II Topper
  Elastic Mesh Pillow & Baby Pillow
▐ Mattress
  Hexagonal Cells Mattress Series ˙HC Mattress(Modular)
HC Mattress(Individual)
  Comb Gel Mattress Series ˙GSM-Comb-Gel SheetIII ˙GSM-004II Topper
    ˙GSM-Comb-Gel 005II ˙GSM-005II Topper
˙GSM-005II Topper+HC
  Cooling Topper Series ˙Cooling Topper for Mattress
  Elastic Mesh Mattress/Baby Mattress/Sleeping Pad
▐ Seat Cushion
  Hexagonal Cells Seat Cushion Series
˙HC Seat Cushion (Modular)
˙HC Seat Cushion (Individual)
  Comb Gel Seat Cushion Series ˙GSC-Comb-Gel SheetIII ˙GSC Topper
    ˙GSC-Comb-Gel 005II ˙GSC-005II Topper
˙GSC-005II Seat Cusion
˙GSC-005II Topper+HC
  Cooling Topper Series ˙Cooloing Topper for Seat Cushion
  Car Seat Cushion Series ˙Neck Cushion
˙Lumbar Cushion
˙Seat Cushion
▐ Gel Items(Medical Usage)
  Washable Hygienic Mattress  
  Anti-Bedsore Mattress ˙GSM-004
˙GSM-005II Topper+HC
  Positioner ˙Gelite Positioner Series
˙Transparent Gel Positioner Series
  Wheelchair Seat Cushion ˙GSC-001
˙HC Seat Cushion(Modular)
˙GSC-005II Seat Cushion
˙GSC-005II Topper+HC(ID)
˙GSC-005II Topper+HC(MO)
▐ Accessories
  ˙Can Cooler
˙Car Pad
▐ Printable Pad Series
  ˙Printable Pad Series
▐ Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest
  ˙Mouse Pad & Wrist Rest Series

Product Categories:
Geltec Industry Co. Ltd. ensures all of our anti-fatigue mat, anti-slip car pad, mouse pad are affordable and priced competitively with other similar products on the market. We promise that our service is second to none! Every person who purchases a product from Geltec Industry Co. Ltd. will have access to our service department when it is needed. In addition, we specialize in servicing the anti-fatigue mat, anti-slip car pad, mouse pad needs of businesses locally and across the country. Our quality controllers perform a variety of quality processes in the entire production process in order to ascertain that only high-quality products are delivered at clients'end.