Geltec Industry Co. Ltd.

Geltec Industry Ltd. was founded in 1986. We are a leading supplier in Taiwan specialized in developing PU Gel and Foam material especially for the applications of Anti-fatigue Mat, Exercise Mat, Yoga Mat, Fitness Mat, Standing Desk Mat, Industrial Mat, Bath Mat, Bathroom Mat, Gel Mattress, Wheelchair Seat Cushion, Home Furnishing, Healthcare, and Computer Accessories etc. We have more than 30 years of professional experience in providing soft material solution to product customization and supply ODM / OEM service to our clients.

Clean Mat

Geltec Industry Co. Ltd. has a diversified Clean Mat range to serve multiple industries. No matter you are looking for manufacturer for new products or new manufacturer for current products, we are willing to provide samples for you to test.

Clean Mat (Sticky Mat)

Product description:
This product could provide sticking with dust particles from outsoles and cart wheels. When the surface of the clean mat traps some certain amounts of dust particles, it only needs to be washed simply by water and returns back with a clean surface for re-using again.

Product Feature:
- Extremely thin in thickness for creating no space-barrier.
- Reusable product with ECO material. No burden for the environment.
- Two sides of the clean mat are sticky and it may be placed on floor directly. Movable with no
adhesive left.
- Using Cross-Linked PU (Patents awarded from multi-countries) as the material.
- Anti-bacteria formula included
- Anti-static electricity

Operating Site:
- Clean room and laboratory
- Electronic manufacturing factory
- Food manufacturing factory
- Any place that needs dust-free

Cross-linked PU


Blue and Black

Geltec Industry Co. Ltd. delivers a broad range of innovative and reliable Clean Mat and controls solutions specifically designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and cost savings. Our mission is to be innovative through new designs and to produce the highest quality products at incredible value. If you are unable to find the product you desire let us know, and we will endeavour to satisfy your requirements within the shortest possible timescale.